Visit This Weekend

Worship Services: 8:30 & 10:00 AM

4247 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92503


Visit This

Sunday Worship Services:
8:30 & 10:00 AM

Office Hours:
M-F 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

4247 Van Buren Blvd.,
Riverside, CA 92503


What to Expect

Our weekend services are designed with one idea in mind—to draw you closer to God no matter your age or background. Worship is the focus. We'll accomplish that through music, giving, prayer and clear Bible teaching that develops a deeper understaning of truth.

Checking out a church for the first time can be intimidating. It’s our goal to make your first-time experience at Grace as easy as possible. Note the topics below for answers to the most common questions. If you still have questions, just give us a call.

COVID-19 STATUS: Outdoor & indoor Sunday Worship Services at 8:30 & 10:00am. While not a replacement for in-person gathering, a livestream of our worship services is also available.

Who Are We?
It’s always nice to know what you’re getting into when you attend a new church. There are no secrets here, no special handshakes, no dress code or church-speak you have to learn. But if you want to know more about us before attending, check out these topics: